Hole Designers needed at the Monty ASAP

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Hole Designers needed at the Monty ASAP Empty Hole Designers needed at the Monty ASAP

Post  luke on Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:26 am

The Monty needs Hole designers ASAP
The park director at the Monty sent me an email today. It goes as follows:

"We have a timber crew moving in they will get any and all trees we mark for removal. the only catch is we need to do it in a hurry. They could move in as early as next week."

We still have at least 3 holes to go in the woods----and tons of room for them. If you are interested in designing a hole or two, please pm me or respond below. The amount of work these guys will do in a week is as much or more as work days etc would get done in a year.

This is an opportunity that simply can't go by without capitalizing on it. I can't afford the time right now to get out there---I've got my daughter by myself for the next week, and this needs to happen pretty much within that time.

This doesn't require any more labor than marking trees and walking in the woods. Someone, please,



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