USDGC Rep - 2 chances at courses chosen by the players of GA

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USDGC Rep - 2 chances at courses chosen by the players of GA Empty USDGC Rep - 2 chances at courses chosen by the players of GA

Post  keith johnson on Mon May 11, 2009 12:06 am

Georgiaís USDGC State Representative Information

The top 2 vote getting courses have been chosen and the polls have been closed, and this will now hopefully give everyone time to make plans for playing one or both of the qualifiers to be the representative for Georgia. I know this will not make EVERYONE happy, but I think itís a fair compromise to give several players a TRUE shot at the title, by combining what the players were asking for and still getting the Rep chosen in time to meet the USDGC deadline for entrants.

This information will hopefully make MOST of the players who wish to have a chance to represent Georgia happy, while allowing people who canít play on a Saturday or a Sunday equal opportunities to Qualify as the two qualifiers will be held one on a Sat and one on a Sun.

To give everyone as fair a shot as possible the qualifying will take place on June 6th, 2009 at White Oak Park in Dallas, GA and on June 14th, 2009 at Perkerson Park in Atlanta, GA.
Signups will be from 8:15 to 9:15 AM the day of EACH Event with a first round tee off at 9:45AM There will be NO PRE-REGISTRATIONS accepted. Players must pay in CASH only. If you are not paying to play in the Qualifier, you are welcome to watch the action and support your favorite golfer.The top 4 players from EACH weekend will then play on August 9th at Central Parkís Supersized layout for the state spot. This gives 8 people a fair shot at the title, and if someone had an off day on the 6th, they can try again on the 14th to make it into the top 4. Or if someone plays better at one course over the other they could take their chances without feeling it was the course that cost them a shot at the spot.

Seeing that now there are two qualifiers and a final, I am adjusting the prices and doing something at the same time to help the 2 courses the Qualifiers will be held at.
The Entry fee will be 20 dollars at either qualifier with 15 dollars going to the entry fee and expenses of the overall winner from the 8 finalists and the other 5 dollars going to the course fund for Perkerson Park(from their entries) and the Tee Pad fund at White Oak(from their entries). If 15-20 players show at each qualifier the Entry fee for the USDGC will be covered and there will be plenty of extra money left over for the winnersí expenses. The 5th place finisher at each Qualifier will get their 20 dollars back and there will be NO OTHER PAYOUTS to anyone else.
If anyone who is in the top 4 at White Oak wishes to compete at Perkerson on the 14th their score will NOT be counted if they finish in the top 4 and the spot will move down to the persons with the top 4 scores at Perkerson NOT ALREADY QUALIFIED (just as USDGC spots are given away at Regional Events)

At Central Park we will hold an Event where the top 8 finalists from the 2 qualifiers will play at NO COST and battle it out for the lone spot to be the State Rep. All others who also wish to play will only pay 10 dollars with payouts to the top 50% of the field EXCLUDING the winner from the 8 finalists who will be getting the money from the 2 Qualifiers and the entry for the USDGC paid for. Other players in the Field at CENTRAL are limited to 32 other players MAX - NO EXCEPTIONS.I sincerely hope that you all will be satisfied with the 2 courses you have chosen for the Qualifiers to be held at and with having the 2 dates that ANYONE who possibly wants to have a chance to be the State Rep will come out and try to qualify.

Keith Johnson
PDGA Georgia State Coordinator

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