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Post  brianlang on Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:44 pm

For the past two days our web host has had problems with the server that physically houses our site. In the past 4 months they seem to have minor problems on a weekly basis. I would typically not accept this level of up-time but we are currently hosting our site with a free hosting service. If you have any problems accessing our site please know it is probably and issue with our free web hosting service and not an issue with your internet access or the site administrators. Please also know that the forum is provided by another free but more reliable service that will have much less problems than our main page. You can assess it directly by using the first link below if you cannot access MGDGA.com. Also if you would like to check the status of the server hosing our site you can check out the second link below to see if our server is operational. We are hosted on server 14. YTou may want to save these links to your favorites in case you want them and are unable to get back to the forum via the front page.

Thank you for you patience.



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